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                            Mos-tech semiconductor of a new generation of MOSFET is successfully applied to the direct type and edge type LED backlight driver module
                                Mos-tech semiconductor of a new generation of MOSFET application in the direct type and edge type LED backlight driver module, has been adopted by many large enterprises launched LED TV backlight, LED TV market in the sight of new products, we will continue to introduce innovative solutions to save energy and to provide the best user experience determination,new generation of MOSFET allows us to provide the same high performance and high energy efficiency and innovation in the LED backlight LCD TV market solution. Direct type backlight applications, LED current in single segment of the wisdom of the control is based on the image content to provide a precise brightness,and can provide a more pure black watch,at the same time improve the contrast, to obtain the better and more natural visual effect. Dynamic LED backlight can meet increasingly stringent standards for energy consumption of a large flat screen TV,for example,the United States of California is considering the implementation of standards. The unique design and technical advantages of the new generation MOSFET patented process,support for low voltage digital circuit and high voltage analog circuit, dynamic management to support Gao Anpei‘s current high voltage current embedded LED can significantly reduce the energy consumption and. For the DC / DC boost controller,we are a new generation of MOSFET provides extremely low conducting impedance significantly with the overall efficiency of power, the quiescent current consumption, Taiwan Mao Tian also dedicated solutions, if you want to know more information about the LED TV power supply, please contact Taiwan Mao Tian was established in mainland China locations: Shenzhen City Mao Tian Technology Co. Ltd. to obtain relevant data.
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